Cast Coated Light Brown

Item no: 165102
  • size:19.5×27, 39×27
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:NA
  • Type:Cover
  • Hand/Machine Made:MACHINE MADE
  • Fiber Content:Lignin free wood pulp
  • Color:Brown
  • pH:Acid Free
  • Other Size:
  • Size:
  • Item No:265102


This cast coated paper has a rich, high gloss finish specially created for work requiring full color coverage, on a cover weight base stock with a snowy white reverse side. The colored surface has been treated with lacquer based pigments making it non-porous and stain-resistant. Perfect for design applications such as presentation folders, annual reports, invitations, menus and more. Acceptable uses for commercial printing processes include: embossing, die-cutting, foil stamping, offset litho, and screen printing.

Glossy, One-sided Color, Smooth, 165102, 265102, cast coat, cast coated