About Us

The GRAPHIC PRODUCTS CORPORATION (GPC) began its journey as a manufacturer/wholesaler of creative graphic art products in January 1962. For the first 30 years of its existence, GPC earned a reputation for creating and producing a wide variety of traditional graphic art supplies whose brand names became identified with superior variety, quality, and service to the industry. Its products were carried by every major commercial art material dealer in the U.S., and internationally as well.

As the use of traditional graphic art materials began to change to electronically prepared commercial and industrial art, GPC began to change its focus also, and became engaged in the importation and distribution of the papers needed by creative individuals of all disciplines.

One thing did not change, however, and that was GPC’s commitment to customer service, very often classified as the best in the industry by its Authorized Dealers.

Today, GPC continues to offer the very best quality and variety of the paper products in which it specializes – the BLACK INK and WYNDSTONE brands of decorative papers suitable for widespread use in the creative design, art material, craft, hobby and related marketplaces.

Each year GPC works with artists and its existing suppliers, as well as new ones, to develop new paper constructions, designs and color palettes to meet the ever-changing needs of the creative users of papers. Uses range from all forms of printed materials to folders, invitations, scrapbooking, lampshades, stamp art and more.

Many of the papers GPC offers are laser and inkjet printable for additional creative latitude.

We invite you to browse through the many unique papers available by going to the various product categories on this website to find exactly what you may need.

We thank you for visiting with us, and we hope to have the pleasure of more visits soon.