Woven Placemats & Napkin Rings

Item no: 26
  • Weight:
  • Materials:Black Ink Papers:
    • K-5204 Korean Hanja Script-Silver on Dark Blue
    • K-5206 Korean Hanja Script-Black on Grey
    • JY-1104 Japanese Yuzen-Black/Gold Check
    • TSM-2156 Thai Soft Metallic Momi-Bronze


Latticed strips of our Korean Hanja Script papers are woven together to form these elegant placemats. Coordinating “napkins” are fan folded from our Japanese Yuzen checked paper. The napkin rings are made of a rolled cover weight stock, covered in the same papers used in the placemats. One ring has two holes punched in center, with the bronze momi which cut into strips and tied through the holes like raffia. The other is banded with a braided strip of the hanja script papers.