Corrugated Mulberry-Oatmeal

Item no: TN-2697
  • Type:Medium Weight
  • Fiber Content:Straw Rice and Mulberry
  • Hand/Machine Made:HANDMADE
  • Item No:
  • Size:22″ x 30″
  • Color:Oatmeal
  • pH:Neutral
  • Weight:Approximately 120 g/m2


Featuring natural inclusions of rice straw fibers and mulberry, this oatmeal colored handmade paper is hand embossed with a textural corrugated pattern, repeating in 1″ rows. The backside is also interesting for use if you prefer a more subtle texture. Deckle edges on all sides add further interest to the handmade quality of this paper which comes in a medium paper weight of approximately 120 gsm, and is ph neutral for a multitude of paper art uses.

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