Paper Fusion Lamp Chinaberry

Item no: 81
  • Weight:
  • Materials:
    • Paper Fusion Lamp Kit PFK-11N
    •TS-2390 Chinaberry Unryu in Aqua
    •White Acrylic Paint
    Glue (such as Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive with precision tip)
  • Size:5″ x 11″ Lamp Kit


This lamp features our aqua Chinaberry paper screenprinted on unryu paper. The light in the lamp really shows off the kozo fibers inherent to “rice papers”. The natural wood was painted with white acrylic craft paint before assembly. The Chinaberry patterned paper was cut to the size of the liner, glued to the liner, and then to the wood frame before assembly. This paper is also available precut as a Paper Fusion Paper Pack, PFP-2390.

Paper Fusion Lamp, chinaberry, idea, light, wood, LED