Metallic Bark Pewter

Item no: I-3913
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:NA
  • Type:Cover
  • Fiber Content:100% recycled cotton
  • pH:Slightly Acidic
  • Hand/Machine Made:Varies
  • Item No:
  • Size:22″ x 30″
  • Other Size:
  • Color:Pewter
  • Weight:175-200 g/m2


Drenched with exquisite metallic color and micro-fine sparkles, this paper from India truly resembles the grooved texture of tree bark. The paper is handmade, then the texture is machine embossed creating the deep, interesting crevices throughout. Considered more of a cover weight, this heavier paper is great for card making, home decor, book covering and more. Available in three stunning colors, with metallic color on the front side, and matte color on the backside.

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