Golden Green

Item no: TU-2025
  • Hand/Machine Made:MACHINE MADE
  • Fiber Content:KOZO
  • Type:Text
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:NA
  • pH:Neutral 7-9pH
  • Color:Golden with Green
  • Other Size:
  • Size:25″ x 37″
  • Item No:
  • Weight:25 g/m2


This golden hued unryu paper features strands of warm, golden, peachy colored fibers, as well as occasional strands of sage and olive greens. Select the enlarge feature to see more of the paper’s strands of color.

Unryu, which translates to “cloud dragon paper” in Japanese, features long strands of kozo fiber from the mulberry tree, which are characteristic of this lightweight paper from Thailand. Most commonly referred to as “rice paper”, its translucent quality allows light to filter through, beautifully displaying each swirling fiber. An excellent choice for art applications such as collage, Chine CollĂ© and for decorative purposes.

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