Dragon Beasts-Black/White

Item no: N-4396
  • Hand/Machine Made:HANDMADE
  • Fiber Content:Daphne (Lokta)
  • Type:Text
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:NA
  • pH:Neutral 7
  • Other Size:
  • Color:Black/White
  • Size:19.5″ x 30″
  • Item No:
  • Weight:60 g/m2


Scaly dragon beasts wield fireballs from their claws, as they emerge from both the sea and the clouds. While this illustrated “story” lures the viewer into the design, it’s “puff print” technique gives this design a slightly “raised” texture giving these dragons a serpent-skin feel! Acid free with deckle edges on all sides, this handmade lokta paper is both eco-friendly and perfect for all art uses.

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