Origami Paper Packs

Perfect for origami artists and crafters alike, these snazzy new paper packs feature some of our most popular Black Ink papers. From metallic mulberry papers to textured iridescents and translucent vellums in funky prints, this varied collection is a must have!

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      Classic Marble Origami Pack

      origami, origami pack, paper pack, craft, gray, grey, green, pale, teal, marble, parchment, Black Ink

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      Funky Vellum Assorted Origami Pack

      origami, paper pack, craft, vellum, funky, printed, designs, assortment, soft, focus, blurry, blurred, translucent, transparent, semi-transparent, unique, Black Ink

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      Iridescent Origami Pack

      origami, paper pack, craft, iridescent, sparkly, embossed, textured, assorted, square, shiny, Taiwan, packaged, Black Ink

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      Metallic Mulberry Origami Pack

      origami, paper pack, craft, metallic, gold, silver, mulberry, Thailand, Black Ink