Sheer Watercolor Momi – Orange/Red

Item no: TWM-2574
  • Fiber Content:Mulberry
  • Hand/Machine Made:HANDMADE
  • pH:Neutral 7-8
  • Color:Oranges/Reds
  • Size:23″ x 34″
  • Weight:8.5 g/m2


This dreamy watercolor momi paper has the sheer look and silky feel of a fabric scarf, hand-dyed in soft mottled tones of orange and red, for one of a kind results. Even more color depth is created when layering these papers, creating new colors through the sheerness of the paper. Sized at 23″ x 34″, in an ultra light weight of approximately 8.5 g/m2 per sheet, this sheer crinkled mulberry paper can be used in a multitude of paper art applications. Try it in chin colle’, mixed media collage, home decor and more.

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