Reptilian-Mocha Foil

Item no: I-3835
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:NA
  • Fiber Content:Cotton
  • Type:Text
  • Hand/Machine Made:Varies
  • pH:Acidic
  • Color:Mocha Foil
  • Other Size:
  • Size:22″ x 30″
  • Item No:
  • Weight:150 g/m2


This very cool reptilian pattern is embossed into an interference colored foil appearing subdued beneath the pattern, changing as the light reflects upon it, from gold, to copper, to green. The reptile pattern, printed in a matt mocha brown, has an almost suede appearance which adds to the dimension of the embossing. The backside of this paper is a darker chocolate brown, making this a dual use paper interesting for folding, card making, paper arts, or projects desiring similar tonal values.

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