Paper Fusion Lamp Lava Pink Vellum

Item no: 84
  • Weight:
  • Materials:
    • Paper Fusion Lamp Kit PFK-11N
    • PFP-7001 Paper Fusion Panel Pack, Lava Lamp-Pink Vellum
    • Deep Blue Acrylic Paint
    Double Sided Tape or Vellum Glue
  • Size:5″ x 11″


This lamp was made from our 5″ x 11″ natural Paper Fusion lamp kit. The frame pieces were first painted with a deep blue acrylic craft paint. The vivid colored panels were created using the Lava Lamp-Pink Paper Fusion Panel Pack.

Each vellum paper panel was adhered to the translucent liners which are included in the light kit, using a double-sided tape runner (such as Ad Tech Dot Glue Runner). The same double sided tape was used to adhere the completed panels to the backside of the frames of the lamp before assembling. If using glue, be sure to use glues approved for vellum, to avoid puckering.

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