Paper Fusion Lamp Circles Collage

Item no: 70
  • Weight:
  • Materials:
    • Paper Fusion Lamp Kit PFK-11N.
    • EP-3023 Papyrus Speckled Medium Paper
    • EDP-3103 Papyrus Dark Paper
    • TU-2064 Kozo Chiri Paper White
    • TU-2059 Chiri Amber Paper
    • TP-2945 Abaca on Gold Mulberry Paper
    • TN-2721Brown Mango Paper
    • P-6322 Gold Sheen Paper
    • Brown Acrylic Paint for Frame
    Glue (such as Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive with precision tip)
  • Size:5 x 11 Lamp Kit


This natural wood lamp kit was first painted in a brown acrylic paint. The funky “circle collage” was made using Kozo White Chiri TU-2064 as the base paper, and cutting remaining papers listed above with two sizes of circle die punches. The circles were then placed in random overlapping patterns and glued to the white chiri. Each completed collage panel was then cut to the size of the included translucent liner and glued to the liner.