Paper Fusion Lamp Digital Art on Grafix Laser Film

Item no: 83
  • Materials:
    • Paper Fusion Lamp Kit PFK-11B.
    • Computer Grafix Clear Laser Copier Film
    • Glue (such as Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive with precision tip) or double sided adhesive such as Ad Tech’s Dot glue runner.
  • Size:5 x 11 Lamp Kit


Have a favorite piece of art you’ve created for your walls? Now you can reproduce that artwork into a custom lamp by taking a digital photograph of it and printing it on “Computer Grafix” clear laser copier film. Simply upload your photo to your computer, scale it to the size of the lamp panels and print it out on this incredible transparent film! Then trim and adhere the film to our Paper Fusion translucent liners, included with each lamp kit and mount each panel to the wood frames as per the lamp kit instructions. The film gives the lamp panels a shiny “glass” look with rich color and illuminates beautifully.

Use this film for favorite photos of your artwork, children, pets, vacation photos and more. Makes a great gift!

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