Paper Flower Arrangement

Item no: 48


    • N-4293 Lokta Flower Print

    • TMP-2497 Thai Marbled Momi-Volcano


    N-4219 Sunwashed Brick-Forest/Palm Green

    Covered Base:

    • TN-2746 Thai Banana Yellow

  • OTHER MATERIALS:• Gold Circular Brad • Wood Skewers • Styrofoam Floral Block for Base • Ribbon to Accent • Hot Glue Gun • Tape


This floral arrangement will never need watering! Easy to make by simply outlining your hand for the lily pattern and cutting bow shapes with scalloped edges for the peonies. For the green floral blades, cut long strips of green paper with points cut on the ends. Once your shapes are all cut then wrap each around the dull end of a wooden skewer and stick the pointed end into the green floral styrofoam floral block to make your desired arrangement. At the end wrap a colorful sheet of paper around the floral styrofoam base and finish with a pretty bow!

DETAILS: See Enlarged photo for the variety of paper shapes used in this project. Flower stamens were created from rectangular shapes, repeatedly cutting 1/8″ strips 3/4 of the way down the rectangle, then curled using a skewer and rolled around the dull tip of the skewer. The lily “hand” shape cutout is then wrapped around the stamen and taped the skewer. For the peonies, four to five scalloped bow shapes are gathered with a brad at the center and then spread out and fluffed to form the flower. Attach the peony to the dull end of a skewer with hot glue or tape and then stick the pointed end down into the styrofoam floral block.