Paper Bead Bracelet

Item no: 88
  • Materials:• 3 yards of 1.5mm leather, waxed linen, or elastic cord
    • 16-20 cylinder shaped paper beads
    • 16-18 accent beads with 1.5 to 2.0 mm holes (silver, gold or glass)
    • 1 really cool button for the closure
    • Super Glue or Gorilla Glue
  • Detail Name 4:


This hip handmade bracelet designed by jewelry artist Andrea Krause of “Andrea’s Wired Designs”, uses two popular Black Ink papers:


Embossed Pebbles-Champagne

Once the cylindrical beads have been made from the papers of your choice, they can be strung on either  a leather jewelry cord, waxed linen cord or elastic cord. Embellishments such as accent beads in metal, gold, or silver will add extra flair to this project as well as adding a really cool button for the closure. For instructions and other bead shapes, download the two-page pdf from the link below.