Marble-Pink Coral

Item no: TMP-2404
  • Type:Text
  • Fiber Content:80% Kozo (Mulberry) / 20% Short Pulp
  • Size:24″ x 36″
  • Color:Pink Coral/Sunset Orange
  • pH:Acidic
  • Item No:
  • Weight:37 g/m2


Every sheet of this gorgeous handmade marble is unique, with swirling muted tones of coral pinks and sunset orange. The mulberry base paper is initially machine made from kozo fibers and short pulp, then hand-marbled by floating each sheet on top of a bath of swirling oil colors and lifted carefully to reveal the swirling marbled pattern, then set aside to dry. A light text weight, this smooth mulberry paper folds beautifully for origami, book arts and more.

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