Fan Flowers-Red Earth

Item no: I-3939
  • Type:Text
  • Hand/Machine Made:Varies
  • Fiber Content:Recycled Cotton/Viscose (Polyester)
  • Color:Red Earth
  • pH:Slightly Acidic
  • Size:22″ x 29.75″
  • Item No:
  • Weight:40-50 g/m2


This “Fan Flowers” screenprint combines an Indian design with a Japanese yuzen flair. Tiny subtle waves surround the main floral motif, adding to its Asian appeal. Printed on a sheer rayon viscose, this nonwoven “paper” is a wonderful choice for luminaries or lampshades, window treatments, glass candle covers, invitation wraps and more.

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Recycled, Cotton, Viscose, polyester, brown, red, earth, fan, flower, India, sheer, asian, japanese style, wave