Assorted Colors “Earth” Block Printing Pack

Item no: AP-204
  • Weight:37-40 g/m2
  • Inkjet/Laser Compatible:Laser & Inkjet
  • Type:Text
  • Size:9″ x 12″
  • Other Size:
  • Color:Orange, True Blue, Persimmon, Eggplant, Moss, Evergreen, Sandstone, Hickory, Putty
  • Fiber Content:Kozo (Mulberry) and Short Pulp
  • Hand/Machine Made:MACHINE MADE
  • pH:Neutral 6.5-7.5
  • Item No:


This earth toned 45 sheet 9″ x 12″ assortment pack offers nine beautiful colors of mulberry papers, 5 sheets of each color, to our popular line of Black Ink Block Printing packs. Made in Thailand from kozo (mulberry) and short pulp, these Thai papers offer a more economical alternative to Japanese mulberry, with no trade off in thickness or quality. Lightweight at 37-40g/m2 yet very strong, these sheets are pH neutral and ideal for lino block printing, woodblock printing, monoprints, silkscreen printing, sumi painting, light water media, bookbinding and digital photographic reproduction processes. Satiny smooth on one side, lightly textured on the other, experiment with each side for optimal results.

Looking for a larger sheet size? These nine mulberry colors are also available in 25” x 37” sheets:
TMC-2911 Orange
TMC-2912 True Blue
TMC-2913 Persimmon
TMC-2914 Eggplant
TMC-2915 Moss
TMC-2916 Evergreen
TMC-2917 Sandstone
TMC-2918 Hickory
TMC-2919 Putty

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